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Jan 9, 2008
Well I did it!! I decided it was time for a change. I have moved my posts over to wordpress. My new address is here. That is if you are interested. Though I am once again struggling with setting up my blog for a second time. So far I like the look that wordpress offers. Now if I could just figure out how to get my blogroll to show on my blog I would be giddy. I guess I have all night at work to figure that out.

Edit: Figured out the blog roll thing. Now just figuring out how to use the rest of the stuff.
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Jan 8, 2008
I have been wanting a new layout for my blog for sometime. I personally tried to fiddle with my current one with no luck. I have begged my husband to help me but he is currently way to busy with school, work, and family obligations to really be of any help to me or himself in that area. I have also noticed quite a few bloggers using other web pages to publish there blogs. So I have been considering moving my blog. I just have one question. Is it difficult to transfers two and a half years of blog posts. What would everyone recommend I move to if I move? Just a little thought.
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Its raining. No wait more like down pouring water. It feels like spring out there. Smells like spring. We are going to pay for this weather later. For now I will enjoy the smell out side. Fresh and clean. Wish I could send everyone a smell-o-gram with the scent as it is outside right now. So many great memories in just that one smell
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Jan 7, 2008
Memories Like the Corner of My Mind
Does anyone out there remember BOOK IT!? Tonight the family went to Pizza Hut because once again Cera had earned her third BOOK IT! coupon. She got to enjoy her very own personal pan pizza with canadian bacon on it. YUM!!!

I can remember when I was in first grade earning my first BOOK IT! coupon for that personal pan pizza. My school had a read-a-thon. We all got to bring in sleeping bags and pillows. All the kids read in the gym all day long to earn our coupon. That must have been the start of BOOK IT! because they are now celebrating 20 years. Makes me feel really old.

Another thing I can remember about BOOK IT! is going to visit my family in Denver over spring break. My cousin and I never managed to have spring break off together. So one day during break my Aunt and I went and picked my cousin up from school and took him to use his BOOK IT! coupon.

Oh those were the days. To be a kid again and get free Pizza Hut Pizza!!!
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Jan 6, 2008
I had the oddest dream last night. I dreamed I was pregnant. That my husband and I told everyone that we were expecting and that they all forgot. We would tell them again and they would once again forget. The dream went on like that till I went into labor. Then suddenly everyone was like "Oh my gosh why didn't you tell us you were pregnant. We better get you to the hospital." Then they would walk away and leave me there still needing a ride to the hospital. This seemed to go on for days. When I finally got to the hospital the doctor told me that I wasn't pregnant and to go home. When I got home I some how had a baby that was ours.

I very rarely remember dreams. Often when I do remember them they they in some shape or form come true. For my sake I can't really get pregnant because I have been "fixed". Had my tubes tied over 6 years ago during my last C-section. I have now become very confused.


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Jan 5, 2008
He did it!!!
Several years ago John was learning to ride a bike. Almost had the hang of it without training wheels. Then along came Mr. Tree. John ran into Mr. Tree with his bike and part of his face. He has the scar on his right cheek to prove it.

We have been trying to get him to get back on the bike for years. We would partly suceed but he was still to scared. Till today!!! I took him out and we started at the top of the parking lot. Had a slight downward grade with no trees in sight. The end of the parking lot was like the end of a cul-da-sack. This way he could learn to turn around and ride back up the hill.

After many attempts he got the hang of it. All four of us got on our bikes and took a two block ride to 7-11 and got some snacks and a drink and came home. He did awsome!!!! He is still a little scared but he is doing much better now!!!! (though no pictures yet)
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Jan 4, 2008
"We always knew you were a whoopsie"
I saw this movie for the first time tonight and I loved it!!! There is a scene in the movie with Robert De Niro with him dancing. It is almost as good as the diner scene in "When Harry Met Sally." My husband, my kids and I were all laughing by the end!! I was laughing more at the reaction of my husband at the time but the scene was hilarious. I have added it for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!!! I hope you can laugh at it as much as I did.

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Jan 3, 2008
Extra Features
When the new Harry Potter movie came out on DVD this past December they advertised great DVD extras. You could edit your own scene from the movie, there were awsome deleted scenes. Well I finally got to the extra disc from Netflix to watch. Not what I was expecting. The extras were weak. Slightly boring. Uneventful. I had watched most of the stuff already on either youtube (damn that youtube) or on Mugglenet. So movie: good. Extras on second DVD: bad

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